Outpatient Services

Infusion Therapy is the administration of medications directly into the body through a vein. This type of therapy is usually reserved for patients with severe, prolonged, and/or resistant infections. Most medications are safe for the patient to self-administer at home after instruction by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Some medications need to be administered in a monitored environment such as a physician’s office, ambulatory infusion center, or in certain cases, the hospital.

Using the latest technology for in-home infusion therapy our team provides services unmatched in the state. From the insertion of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line), to instruction in using the medications, maintaining proper techniques, PICC care, and administration of meds, our infusion team works together to make sure the therapy is administered appropriately and with as little intrusion as possible into the patient’s daily life.

A vascular access device will be placed in our office or in a similar setting. Usually this will be a PICC line but other devices may be selected as well. The patient and/or a caregiver is trained in the administration of intravenous medications and then given the appropriate supplies to use the medications in their own home. Our medications and supplies are prepared in a sterile environment in a USP 797 compliant clean room and given to our patients for home use. Weekly visits (sometimes more frequent) are necessary for PICC care and occasional monitoring as well as a replenishment of the appropriate supplies. We offer 24 hour a day support with an infusion specialist on-call 7 days a week so you will never be alone and will always have the support you need.

Our nurses manage the infusion services at IDCOKC. They have over thirty years combined experience in the field of infusion therapy and are specifically trained in infusion therapy and vascular access techniques.

Infusion Therapy offers an alternative to long hospital stays, tedious trips to an infusion center for daily administration of antibiotics, and the loss of independence that comes with a serious illness. We attempt to restore the patient to their most comfortable environment, their home, in an effort to expedite the healing process and maintain independence.

Outpatient Services

IDC OKC has an active clinic in multiple locations and sees patients four days a week.  These appointments vary in length and are designed to maximize data acquisition, therapeutic decision-making, and patient counseling.  Outpatient office visits are used to facilitate care for those patients who are not ill enough to be in the hospital but require infectious diseases expertise, as well as for the follow-up of patients seen in an acute care setting.

To make an appointment, please ask for a referral from your primary doctor.  If we may assist, do not hesitate to call our office or email an inquiry.

Travel Clinic

Preparing to travel internationally?
People of all ages need to be up-to-date on vaccinations.

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Worker's Compensation

IDCOKC participates with numerous worker’s compensation programs. Please have your Nurse Case Manager or Adjuster contact our office for an appointment.

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